Evolution of the Province

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Evolution of the Province

The world today has moved from being “self-content” to being “self-centred”. It has become more consumeristic. Having more is considered to be the “source of happiness” and being humane is considered to be a “sign of weakness”. The rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer; corruption and selfishness being the driving force.

There is a need for caring and responsible leaders who will strive hard to transform the world into a new haven of joy and peace following the Kingdom values, as preached and practiced by Christ during his life on earth.

Great men and women whom we call ‘saints’, consciously or unconsciously harkened to God’s call and followed His footsteps, serving His children, specially the poor, neglected, and the differently abled.

St.Montfort walked a different path compared to other holy men. He followed Christ, preaching the Wisdom of Cross and considered suffering as a source of blessing. For St. Montfort, Christ is the incarnate wisdom of God who was born of the Virgin Mary in order to take the world back to his Father. Mary, the mother of Christ was a sure way to reach Christ. He propagated a filial devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary with the dictum “to Jesus through Mary”.


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