In the year 1958 there was a private high school run by the public in Kolasib. But due to lack of fund and personnel, the Management of the school was unable to continue it from the following year. The Management of the school then approached the Holy Cross Society Fathers who looked after the Church and the Technical School to open a high school in Kolasib. The Fathers who came from Canada at that time had no intention of opening a high school as they were busy looking after the Church and the Technical School. But the pressure to open a high school was so great that discussions in this regard were held with Rev. Fr. George Breen, C.S.C., the then Monsignor of Haflong. After much discussion it was decided that a high school is opened by the Holy Cross Fathers.

In the year 1959, a new High School was established with the founder, Rev. Fr. Jean Vezina, C.S.C., as the Headmaster. It was christened as “St. John’s High School” and for its motto, the Biblical phrase “Love One Another” (John 15:12) was chosen.

In the year 1959 there was only Class VII. From the old record, there were 18 students only in Class VII.

The individual land adjacent to the Catholic Compound was bought and the work of levelling the land was started with the help of the public of Kolasib. When the levelling was done, the construction of the School building was started.

As there was no school building, classes were held either in the Brother Andre’s Technical School or in the hostel.

In the year 1960, Class VIII was added and in the middle of the year the new school building was occupied and in the next following year higher classes were added, and in the year 1962 it became a full fledged High School and the students increased every year. Then the Secondary Board of School Education, Assam had affiliated the school. In the year 1963, the first batch of students appeared the Matriculate Examination under the Assam Board. Out of 14 students appeared in the Matric exam, 12 of them came out successfully.

Year by year, the school building and furniture were improved and the students also increased rapidly. To accommodate the students coming from outside Kolasib, hostels were set up separately for boys and girls. When the Bethany sisters set up their house at Kolasib, they took up the charge of girls’ hostel and looked after the girls in their hostel.

In the year 1966, there was an insurgency in Mizoram and the school also had suffered. In the year 1967, Parents’ Day Celebration was held in the school. At the end of the programme the National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was sung and the hostiles who were on duty in the area got angry and they burned down some parts of the school building. Lots of furniture, maps, charts and books were burned to ashes. Immediately work to repair the damage was done.

Due to the insurgency in Mizoram, the Govt. of Assam did not allow the foreign Missionaries to stay longer in Mizoram. So they had to hand over the Management of the School to the Diocesan priests. The Diocesan priests looked after the school from 1968 to June 1975.

In response to the invitation of the then Bishop of Silchar, Rt. Rev. Denzil D’Souza, and the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel came to look after the school. On 15th June 1975 the Management of the school was handed over to them and they are carrying on till today.

In the year 1989, the new school building with R.C.C. structure (two storeyed) was constructed and when the new building was completed and occupied the old school building was pulled down giving more space for the school play ground.

In July 1996 the school was upgraded to Higher Secondary School with Arts and Science Streams and the additional huge school building R.C.C. structure with the Auditorium was constructed in the year 1997.

Besides high school sections, Classes XI and XII were opened and as it is only one Higher Secondary School in the whole Kolasib District, many more students poured in. The present enrolment of the school is 861 with 38 teaching staff and 7 non-teaching staff. There are 5 sections in Class VIII, 4 in Class IX, 3 in Class X, 4 in Class XI and 4 sections in Class XII.

The whole school is divided into 4 houses and different competitions are held occasionally. N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps), N.S.S., Scouts and Guides are set up and they are doing their respective duties actively.

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