Hyderabad province

Committed to the gospel values of Equality, fraternity, freedom and human brotherhood, striving to transform the society through the education mission, for the establishment of peace and Brotherhood.

Committed to the promotion of Justice and Human Rights for all, especially the poor, marginalized, women and children.

Committed to ensure the integral (Spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical) development of the human person, so that, he/she becomes a responsible and contributing member of the human society, upholding and promoting the integrity of God's creation.


The Province of Hyderabad came into existence on March 25, 2007, becoming the 7th Province in India with the bifurcation of the Province of Central India into Province of Hyderabad and the Province of Pune. The inauguration of these two Provinces took place on that day at Little Flower High School, Hyderabad.

Region of Central India

The expansion of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in India is a long story of struggles and successes. Growth may have been slow, but sure and steady. From the humble beginnings of the revered pioneers in 1903, Brothers kept persistently marching ahead and the result was that the "District of India", of the pioneering times, which eventually became an independent "Province of India" in May 1948, kept growing and expanding so fast as to make it too vast, to be efficiently administered and animated by a single Provincial team. The Province came to be divided into three administrative Regions for greater efficiency and further expansion.

Thus came into existence the Region of Central India ('District of Hyderabad') on 1st May 1967, headed by a Regional Superior assisted by a Regional Council of two members, appointed by the Central Administration after consultation. Though the Region was a 'Self governing dominion', it was grouped along with the other two Regions of South and North, under the authority of the 'Provincial of India'.

Bro. Vincent was appointed as the Regional Superior (1967-68) with Bro. Stansilaus Joseph and Bro. Eugene Mary as Councillors and Bro. Felix as the Regional Bursar. In 1968 Bro. Felix was appointed as the Regional Superior (1968-70) with the same councilors continuing and with Bro. Dominic Mary as the Regional Bursar. From 197-75 Bro. Vincent was the Regional Superior while being the Director of Boys Town, and he was assisted by Bros. Julian, Berchmans, John de Britto (also Regional Bursar) and Bro. Montfort as the Councillors.

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